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The last sentence is a direct quotation from the original, but the author has not been acknowledged. Which one is a paraphrase? The activity provided here examines unacceptable and acceptable forms of paraphrasing. essay editing uk junior You would also need to provide a complete reference for this work in your bibliography.

Compare these two examples of writing. John Brown says that small dogs see themselves as personal protectors, and not guards of the entire property But the sentence structure and order of ideas remains the same and referencing has not been provided for the entire paragraph. personalized paper hand fans The original version of this page was written by Chu Alan, working off a Script writen by John Resig , using an algorithm for finding the difference between two strings. Removing question excerpt is a premium feature.

It covers the main ideas of the extract, but presents them in new way, using different word order and a different organisation of the order of the ideas. In your version, try to use a different structure or ordering of ideas within sentences and in the piece as a whole. term paper custom mache sculptures When to summarise Summarise when you want to write about the background of a topic, or to give a quick overview of its history. Which one is a paraphrase? Statement 3 is a paraphrase.

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Paraphrasing is more difficult, so why bother to do it? Since the problem usually originates during note taking, it is essential to minimize the material recorded verbatim. The following exercises will allow you to practice that skill. Paraphrasing online test Practise distinguishing between quotes, paraphrases and summaries. The original version is at http:

In your version, try to use a different structure or ordering of ideas within sentences and in the piece as a whole. Make sure you reference their work correctly as well. Paraphrasing online test Another example of paraphrasing. Paraphrasing is not summarising. Patterson demonstrates that rote learning has a crucial role when combined with other forms of learning.

The whole structure of the passage you are paraphrasing needs to change. Good paraphrasing shows this understanding! Finally, when working on your paraphrasing, quoting and summarising skills, you may also find the following websites handy. Paraphrasing online test Paraphrasing is not this:

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I agree to the Terms of Services and Privacy Notice. When to paraphrase most of the time! They do this by breaking apart the cell membranes of the target organism.

This section will help you get on top of paraphrasing by examining what, why and how to paraphrase. Some words have been changed, and the last sentence is quoted and acknowledged. custom article writing service organisations Although Ausubel stated that learning via memorisation is an exercise that brings about little learning, Patterson claims that rote learning has a crucial role when combined with other forms of learning. For some referencing styles, you need to put the page number, if available, for paraphrase— not just for quotations: Which one is a summary?

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TLC online programs design and development by L. This next section will examine how you link paraphrases, quotations and summaries to your own ideas smoothly and effectively in your writing. Paraphrasing online test He registered his invention in , thereby, ensuring his position in history as the man who invented the telephone.

If you did all of these things, and you remember to always reference the original correctly then you have paraphrased successfully! Does the mechanics of referencing for you! Paraphrasing is NOT… Just changing words from the original Keeping identical sentence structure Transferring ideas sentence per sentence. Survey Maker Flashcards See All. Paraphrasing online test What has been changed?

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